Missionary Grove Baptist Church Facility Use Policy

Missionary Grove Baptist Church (MGBC) is a Gospel centered church committed to do whatever it takes to share the love of Jesus to our community and the world. We strive to be a local body of the universal church that unifies all generations for God’s glory. In that spirit, we open our facility for members and outside group use.


Church members:

Members of MGBC may use the facility at any time provided there is no conflict with the church calendar. If audio or visual equipment is needed, an AV representative must be present.

Cleaning Fee: $50

Audio or Visual Representative Fee: $100


Outside Groups:

Outside groups include nonprofit organizations, conferences, group meeting, marriages or events unrelated to MGBC. These groups may reserve the facilities providing their purpose and activities are consistent with MGBC values and beliefs. Any outside media, music or material to be used must not be in conflict with the value and beliefs of MGBC. No outside group event will be scheduled in conflict with any event on the MGBC church calendar. A MGBC Representative must be present for an outside group event.


Ineligible Groups:

Groups or events that conflict with MGBC values, beliefs, bylaws and/or ministry.


Outside Group Facility Use and Cleaning Fees

Reservation of a date by eligible outside groups will be secured by a non-refundable deposit. This non-refundable deposit will be due the when this application has been approved. The remainder of the fees will be required at least one month prior to the time of use.  If a date is requested with less than a month until the event, the full fee will be due when application is approved.

                                                                        Fee                              Non-refundable deposit

New Sanctuary                                               $250                                        62.50

New Sanctuary with Audio and or Visual     $350                                        87.50

Fellowship hall and kitchen                            $100                                        25.00

All of the above                                              $450                                        112.50



MGBC will not be responsible for items that are lost, stolen or damaged. Users are responsible and assume liability for any personal injuries or damages to the facility and/or equipment. Seating capacity for the new sanctuary is 400. Seating capacity for the fellowship hall and kitchen is 100. MGBC reserves the right to cancel any event. A full refund of fees and deposits will be refunded if MGBC must cancel your event.


Guidelines for Use

  • Absolutely no alcohol is allowed on premises for any event.

  • No tobacco products are allowed inside any portion of the facility.

  • Provocative attire or clothing depicting drugs/alcohol, satanic or sexually explicit materials are not to be worn on the premises. Users violating dress code will be asked to change in order to remain on premises.

  • Explicit or blasphemous language will not be permitted on premises.

  • Adherence and acceptance to MGBC Statement of Basic Beliefs and Statement on Faith of Marriage and Human Sexuality as adopted in MGBC Constitution and By-Laws. These are found online www.missionarygrove.com or a paper copy can be attained from our church office.

  • Audio and or video equipment use is restricted to certified MGBC audio visual technicians only.

  • Sanctuary stage will not be cleared of musical instruments and sound equipment. Items may be moved to the back of the stage by certified MGBC audio visual technicians only.

  • Childcare will not be provided for any outside group event.

  • Food in the foyer, pantry cabinets, refrigerator and freezers are for a ministries of MGBC and are not to be used by outside groups. MGBC will not supply any food or drink item for outside events. Outside groups may use the kitchen ice machine. Caterers are allowed for outside events.

  • No decorations may be used on the walls of either facility.


After Event Check List

Applicant and MGBC Representative please complete the following:


□          All food brought for event and all trash must be removed from the premise.

□          Counter tops, tables and serving tables cleared.

□          Furniture arranged as it was found.

□          Bathrooms in the order they were found.


Applicant Signature: _______________________________________________________________


□          Lights turned off.

□          Doors Locked.


MGBC Representative Signature: ______________________________________________________







Application for Missionary Grove Baptist Church Facility Use


Name of Organization: _________________________________________________________________


Type of Event: ________________________________________________________________________


Event Date and Time: ___________________________________________________________________




Name of Responsible Person: _____________________________________________________________


Telephone Contact of Responsible Person: ___________________________________________________


Rooms Requested for Event:  New Sanctuary           New Sanctuary with AV        Fellowship Hall



Contract Agreement with Responsible Party

Having read the Missionary Grove Baptist Church Facility Use Policy concerning our event on the above listed date:

  • I agree to assume all responsibilities expressed and implied by the Policy.

  • I agree to abide by and enforce, to the fullest, the intent and purpose of the Policy.

  • I agree to pay all fees agreed to.

  • I agree to do my best to insure that the event shall reflect our love for God and respect for His people.



Signature: ______________________________________________________________________________


Date: __________________________________


Name of MGBC representative to attend event: _________________________________________________


Representative’s Telephone: ________________________________________________________________


Amount and Date of Fees Paid: ______________________________________________________________

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